Laws of Color - Digital Painting Edition

Do You Struggle With Color?

If you answered yes then you’re probably just like me...

For years I struggled with color. Even though I was already a working professional in video games I didn’t have a clue about color. I could paint digitally but I could never get consistent results. I just didn’t know how color worked.

Does this sound familiar?

Then one day I decided to get serious about painting and color. I travelled to Los Angeles to study with some of the best painters in the world. I took classes, workshops and painted everyday.

Within a few months of consistent practice, and applying my new knowledge, my color and paintings improved dramatically!

Eventually my new colorful art started to get noticed which led to more and more opportunities, including book covers, commissions and even gallery shows.

The same knowledge and skills I used to transform my work and career is exactly what you will learn in this course...

This course is closed for enrollment.

What Will I Learn?

The Laws of Color is the ultimate course for digital artists. You will learn simple and easy to use tools and techniques to help you start your color journey and paint in beautiful full color with confidence.

Here are some of the topics covered...

How to See Color and Light

A Painter's most important tool are his eyes. Learn how to see and interpret color and light, and how to translate those colors to your palette.

Color Mixing and Creating Color Palettes

Learn how to mix colors like a pro and how to make your own color palettes. Discover simple and easy to learn color theory that takes the confusion out of mixing colors.

Step by Step Painting Process

Learn step by step process for painting directly in color. Discover easy to use tools and processes to improve your color and workflow.

What's Inside The Course?

The Laws of Color is an in-depth course with over 5 hours of content! This includes informative lectures, step-by-step demonstrations, exercises, handouts and more!

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • easy to understand color theory
  • how to see color like an expert
  • color mixing like a pro in Photoshop
  • working with colored light sources
  • professional digital painting techniques in Photoshop

Along with the information packed lessons you'll also get exclusive resources and bonuses like:

  • 2x bonus painting demonstrations
  • 2x Student Guidebook (pdf e-book)
  • Hi-res references
  • Photoshop brushes and more...

Scroll down to see the full curriculum...

  Module 1: Laws of Color, Vol. 1
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  Module 2: Laws of Color Vol. 2
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  Bonus Lessons and Demos
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  Handouts, References and Resources
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About the Instructor

Chris Legaspi is a life-long Artist with over 20 years of professional experience. His work can be seen in hit movies, TV shows and video games. His most notable projects and clients include Lord of the Rings, Deadpool 2, Shaft, Luke Cage, Marvel, Disney and Warner Bros. Pictures.

Along with his professional experience, Chris is a popular and admired author and instructor. He has taught at some of the most prestigious art schools in the world including Gnomon and the New Masters Academy. His two recent drawing instruction books, published by Rockport, are available worldwide in multiple languages.

His clear and elegant communication style combined with his passion for teaching and helping serious and dedicated students has allowed his students and mentees to reach new levels in their artwork and careers. Several of Chris’ former students have gone on to work professionally in entertainment, video games and comics.

For more artwork, visit Chris' Instagram @draw.withchris.

See below for a sample of Chris' work...

This course is closed for enrollment.

Questions and Comments?

We are here to help. For questions and comments, email our support team at: support (at) drawwithchris (dot) com.

Frequently Asked Questions

> How long will I have access to the class?

All enrolled students will have lifetime access to all videos, lessons and all class materials such as handouts and references.

> I’m a beginner at drawing, should I take the class?

Yes. This class will focus on color, light and painting principles. The lessons are designed for someone who is brand new to color, but a good drawing experience is helpful to get the most out of the painting lessons.

> I use Procreate or other digital painting apps. Does this course apply?

Yes. The tools and techniques in this course are time tested drawing fundamentals that apply to any medium or software. The digital techniques are also fundamental techniques that can be easily adapted to Proreate or other digital painting apps.

> Can you mentor me?

Yes. If you are serious about improving your skills and career and want to be personally guided by me every week, there are mentorship options available.

> Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. Full refund, no questions asked.

Do you want to know more? If you still have burning questions that need to be answered contact our support team at:

support (at) drawwithchris (dot) com.